Coaching principles.

Case Study Paper Assignment Instructions


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Coaching principles.
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The Case Study Paper Assignment will be written throughout the course to allow the student the opportunity to apply life coaching principles. In these assignments, students will be presented a specific case scenario applicable to the course material. Students will respond to each case using the material covered in class up to that date and include biblical integration where appropriate. Students will apply life coaching strategies and implement research principles within simulated sessions. Strategies on empowering leaders, addressing setbacks, project management, and team unity will be addressed.


Students will complete 3 Case Study Paper Assignments. Students will write a Case Study Paper Assignment (see client list on Page 2) addressing life coaching concepts within leadership. Items to include are:

●       Paper should include 3-4 pages of content, along with a Title page and Reference page

●       Title page and Reference page do not count towards the overall page total

●       Current APA formatting

●       Minimum of 1 source needs to be present and referenced on Reference page in current APA format 

●       Acceptable sources (e.g., scholarly articles published within the last five years)

Case Study should have the following 4 sections:

  1. Introduction to the Situation: Briefly describe the situation and identify the primary issues contributing to the coaching scenario. What are the essential elements needing attention? Using a coaching perspective, identify the problem as clearly and concisely as possible.
  2. Background Information: Briefly describe any pertinent background information that may be helpful in finding and/or creating a solution to the client’s problem.
  3. Recommendations & Action Plan: The next several paragraphs should be dedicated to addressing the problem. Describe in detail your recommended action plan for each of the presenting issues? What motivating factors should drive the change process for your client? What challenges should the client anticipate moving forward, and what realistic expectations should be developed? What is your plan for coaching your client through the process of change?
  4. Conclusion: Your final paragraph should summarize the primary issue, the essential contextual elements, and your plan for moving forward with the client.

Case Study: Jack and Susan

Jack and Susan are a young couple who have come to you for help. Five years ago they opened a Greek restaurant with Jack’s Grandmother (and all her Greek recipes). Their restaurant has now become one of the most popular spots in town. This past year they had their first child, which has made it difficult to keep up with everything at the restaurant. They share a love of cooking, but the demands of keeping up a successful business and family are becoming overwhelming. Jack’s grandmother is unable to keep up with the busy pace at work and seems more interested in spending time with her great-grandbaby.  How would you apply the principles covered in the course to help Jack and Susan with their business?

Be sure to address navigating culturally sensitive issues as well as the necessary components for project management and include biblical integration where appropriate.


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