CMGT 556 Wk 6 DQ 2

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” 5. What Happens on YouTube Stays on YouTube FOREVER!Are you looking for great career advice? Here it is: Never post anything on publicly accessible websites that you would not feel comfortable showing a recruiter or hiring manager. This includes inappropriate photos; negative comments about jobs, professors, or people; and binge drinking at a holiday party. Future employers will Google you!The bad news: You have to continue to keep your cyber profile squeaky clean for the rest of your life. Companies can and will fire you for inappropriate online postings. One interesting story occurred when two employees created a private, password-protected group on Facebook where they would complain about their jobs, post derogatory comments about their managers, and highlight new top-secret product information. The managers, being computer savvy, obtained the password and immediately fired the two individuals after reviewing the site. Now one of the individuals is suing the former managers for invasion of privacy.Do you agree that if you post something online it is open for the world to see? What do you consider is inappropriate material that you should never post to the web? What can you do to remove inappropriate material posted to the web by a friend that identifies you? How do efficiency and effectiveness enter into this scenario? Was social media the most efficient and effective way for the two employees to communicate? What is the potential argument each of these sides might use in order to win the lawsuit?”Do you agree that if you post something online it is open for the world to see? Should employers be able to decide who to hire or fire based on social media posts? Select a position and justify your response.Respond to at least three of your peers. In your response, address any thoughts you have on the influence the internet has on businesses and how SCM, CRM and ERP can help organizations.Students need to contribute three substantive posts in this discussion by the due date indicated. The substantive posts can be any combination of responses and replies.PEER 1Yes, I agree that whatever is posted to the internet is open for everyone to see, however, I do not necessarily agree everyone has a right to see everything that is posted to the internet. I feel that things that are password protected or restricted to just those users should be only meant to be between those users. However, system can get hacked, which means that a user should post to the internet with the assumption that the information can be seen.I think that that manager that hacked the facebook account of the employees overstepped their authority and that the manager should be reprimanded. However, the employees were also in the wrong for posting proprietary information on an unsecured system.As for employers looking up information on the internet to help decide on whether to hire or fire someone, I do agree they should be able to. I feel this is no different than employees running background checks or police reports on potential employees. PEER 2Good Evening everyone!Do you agree that if you post something online it is open for the world to see?Yes it is You can just type the person’s name and you can see all there post they are publiclyShould employers be able to decide who to hire or fire based on social media posts?no because people act different outside of the work. Example my Facebook is my family, friends and co workers. A post does not mean it is you. A person can just like the post or think it is funny and post it. People should be able to be themselves after work hours. It is over analyzed at times and can very easily be misinterpreted. A company has not business really looking at your post they using social media as an excuse not to hire someone it maybe also considered discrimination because they are discriminating you based on a post not to hire someone.PEER 3This has been a popular subject, especially in the recent years. I do agree that it can be a problem if an employee does something especially if they are doing something that can make the company or its employees look bad. Before we had to behave ourselves and not allow our companies to see us if we were doing something bad when we weren’t at work. Now these behaviors can be seen on the Internet. I have seen multiple stories where employees lost their jobs because of social media. I do everything that I can do to not look bad on social media, and I barely even look at you tube. I know that there are even employers that will look into the possible recruits before they are hired, to see if they are worthy to work at that company.
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CMGT 556 Wk 6 DQ 2
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