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A Team of EngineersABC Technologies is a semiconductor manufacturing firm that started itsoperations in August 2003. It manufactures microchips used in mostelectronic devices. By January 2004, it had about 250 employees mostlyproduction workers working on 24/7 shifts. The firm, being in its start-upstage, was undermanned to meet the production demands of theircustomers. As such, there was continuous recruitment of productionworkers, staff personnel, and engineer trainees to fill vacant positions inthe production, process engineering, facilities engineering, and qualityassurance departments. Due to the lack of manpower, engineers wereperforming multiple jobs to cover for deficienciesIn March 2004, Miss Red was hired by the ABC Technologies as a qualitycontrol engineer trainee for a period not to exceed one year. She wasassigned to work with the Quality Assurance Department (QAD), togetherwith four male quality control engineers who were responsible for hertraining. She reported to Eng. Marvin Cruz who was the head of QAD.Over a period of time, Miss Red would continuously ask the assistance fromthe four male engineers even for simple tasks, the procedures of which,were clearly indicated and described in the QA manual of operations. Itcame to the point, 3 months later, that the four engineers felt that she wastaking much of their time and they were bothered by her queries. Soonthey became uncooperative to her. Instead of extending to her the usualassistance, they would ask her to refer to and read the manual forinstructions. Miss Red became desperate when she could not get help fromthe four. She felt that the four engineers were not cooperating with herbecause she was a woman, and as such, she was not able to effectively doher work. She felt uncomfortable working in the QA Department. She wentto Eng. Cruz for assistance. Eng. Cruz likewise referred her to the manual ofoperations. She felt that because she was the only female in thedepartment, she was being left out to work on her own. She decided to filea case of discrimination, sexual harassment, and hostile environmentagainst the four engineers and the company. At that time, she was in her6th month of employment.The HR Manager intervened and tried to resolve the issue. Whileinvestigating the case, Eng. Cruz mentioned to the HR Manager that he hadactually completed the performance evaluation of Miss Red’s training, andthat she was actually qualified to assume the position of a junior QCEngineer, the position she was trained for. Eng. Cruz, with the approval ofthe HR Manager, issued Miss Red a memo regarding her evaluation andpermanent appointment. The memo indicated that Miss Red hassatisfactorily completed her training and that she was now ready to assumethe position of junior Process Engineer to be assigned with the ProcessEngineering Department. Miss Red acknowledged receipt of the memo butinstead of accepting the promotion, she instead filed another case ofharassment against Eng. Cruz claiming among others, that the promotionand the transfer was intended to downplay her case against the companyso that she will eventually withdraw her complaint on sexual harassment.Discuss the merits of this case considering the following:a. Was there a violation committed? If there was, what was theviolation? Please discuss.b. If your were Eng Cruz, how would you have handled this case?c. As an HR Manager of ABC Technologies, how will you resolvethis issue?d. What do you think should be done to prevent the occurrencesof this incident?Please base your arguments from what you read and learned in Chapter 11of the textbook.In discussing this case, (minimum of two pages), please follow the formatbelow:1- Background Information2- Description / Statement of the Problem3- Discussion and Analysis of the Problem4- Recommendationsbook to reference Kreitner, & Kinicki. (2013) Organizational behavior, (10th edition) Mcgraw Hill ISBN: 978-007-9802936-3Purchase the answer to view it
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Can You Type This In Apa Format
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