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Choose one of the following two questions and write a paper using the following guidelines:1. TNR 12 pt font2. 2 pages3. 1” margins4. Double spaced 5. You must reference the textbook and your article (internal citations). This is the Textbook: Everyday Ethics, Making Wise Choices in a Complex World by Catharyn A. Baird 6. Include a reference list.1. Find an article in a magazine or newspaper that involves a current ethical situation. Discuss the issue from both the individual and community perspective. With which argument do you most agree? Why?2. Identify an ethical issue that is currently occurring in an organizational setting. Find two articles about the situation and compare/contrast how the two articles relate the information to readers, making reference to the steps discussed in Chapter 4 in your book. Purchase the answer to view it
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Business Athics
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