Business And User Requirements Document

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To prepare for a huge EHRS implementation, a facility must first understand who the EHRS will serve, where information that flows into the system comes from and who the primary users of the system will be after it is deployed at the facility. Part 1 will be to complete each of these to support the facility executive team as they assemble an EHRS development team.
In response to the needs of the organization, prepare a professional PowerPoint Presentation for the Executive Committee which will evaluate data needs for the organization so that an EHRS Development Team can be assembled. Refer to the Good Apples Group Case document in Module 1 and pay particular attention to 1) Clinical Decision Making and 2) Target Organizational Units found in that document. Your PowerPoint must include at least one slide to present each bulleted item below to the facility executive team. Be sure to logically title each slide in your presentation.Note that these requirements must focus on the needs of the facility and of the people who will be using the project as an alternative means of performing business processes they already perform.
Your PowerPoint should be approximately 5-8 slides in length. The final slide should be used as your resource page. Be sure to credit any resources used in the preparation of this submission.Purchase the answer to view it
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Business And User Requirements Document
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