Big 5 results

 Discussion Questions 

1. Discuss the positive and negative aspects of your Big 5 results on each dimension and how this may affect the way you carry out your work and task now, not you wish to be. There are no right and wrong answers. For example, if you got 75% on agreeableness, what is the positive and negative implication of this score when you work? 

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Big 5 results
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To answer the above question, you can use your personal work experience. The experience can be derived from your present or past workplace. If you do not have job experience, then you can use your school as an example. 

2. Imagine now that you are promoted to a managerial role. Based on your Big 5 results, determine what would be the best management style fit for you and why? You may discuss pros and cons of your identified management style. Here is your opportunity to apply your Big 5 results into your managerial setting. There are many different management styles, and this is where research comes in.  

3. There are many perceptual errors and biases has been discussed in the class. Research 2 new perceptual errors and biases (except from your class discussions) and discuss how these errors and biases can influence you in an organizational setting. Hide Files: An organization.docx


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