Assignment Critical Mass Analysis

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Critical Mass Analysis Write one or two paragraphs introducing this phase of the action research process Briefly summarize why we must do a Critical Mass Analysis when we do an action research project. APA formatting is required. Roles and InvolvementDescribe the inquiry team participants, their roles and their current and desired levels of involvement in your action research project. Action Research Project: Improving the recruitment rate of college graduates into an organization.Stakeholders: E, Miller: College graduate unemployedMelissa Sanchez: Customer Support ManagerRandee Clayton-Myers: HR Talent Manager Application of Cultural Literary In one to two paragraphs, a description of how your own cultural literacy in appreciating the diversity of stakeholders would add value to the professional environment in the action research process. Reflection on Critical Mass Analysis PhaseIn one to two paragraphs, what you learned from completing this phase of the process. ConclusionSummarize the paper.Purchase the answer to view it
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Assignment Critical Mass Analysis
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