Assessing A Leader

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MGT500 Portfolio Project’s second option is an assessment of an incumbent leader. During this process, you will create a consulting/coaching report to recommend how this leader can be more effective in his or her role. Thus, your job is to prepare a personal development plan (PDP) tailored to the needs of this particular individual and will require interviews with this leader and his or her key followers and supervisors.The leader’s personal development plan (PDP) will allow the leader to better understand himself or herself, as an individual, as a member of teams, and as an organizational citizen, as well as to create opportunities for improvement goals. Thus, the PDP provides an understanding of this leader’s current characteristics and how the leader can become more effective in his or her roles as a follower, a leader, and as a team member.First, articulate the leader’s strengths and weaknesses, values, and personality. An understanding of the leader as a person is needed before describing explanatory theories, concepts, and fit in teams and organizations. This section can include materials from observations, interviews, assessment instruments, and application of objective evidence.Individual Assessment (3-5 pages)Next, an articulation of theories and concepts to explain the leader’s behavior at three levels of analysis (individual, team, and organization) is needed. In addition, a discussion of factors (contingencies/moderators) that may alter the theory/concept’s operation is needed. This section should include discussion of the following:Theory/Concepts at the Individual Level (1-2 pages)Theory/Concepts at the Team Level (1-2 pages)Theory/Concepts the Organization Level (1-2 pages)The final section looks to the future. Choose and describe at least one developmental goal at each of the three levels of analysis–the individual level, the team level, and the organizational level for the leader. For each development goal, please provide the development goal, development activities (how the leader can work toward accomplishing the objective), resources/support (that the leader has or can develop toward achieving the goal), timeline, potential obstacles, and evidence of progress (i.e., milestones), as shown below:Development Goals (2-3 pages)Your Portfolio Project should be 8-12 pages in length, not counting title and reference pages, and conform to APA. Include at least five scholarly references in addition to the course textbook. Purchase the answer to view it
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Assessing A Leader
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