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However, many managers are not trained to perform an evaluation. So how can they ensure they do it correctly?Performance appraisals are a good way to interact with employees and give them feedback on how they are performing. Identify measures and supports to assist them in targeting areas of weakness. This can be a positive opportunity to allow the employee to learn how to grow and improve.Managers should not wait until the one time of the year when performance appraisals are due to go over how an employee is performing. Yet performance appraisals are a great opportunity to encourage and motivate employees. Identify the need for employee training and development Explain the six steps in the appraisal process Discuss how management by objective (MBO) can be used as an appraisal method Explain why performance appraisals might be distorted InstructionsResearch four peer review articles from Kaplan Library on employee training and development, the appraisal process, management by objective (MBO) used as an appraisal method, why performance appraisals might be distorted. You will summarize your results in a written report 3–5 pages in length, not including the Cover Page and References. APA format applies. 1. Briefly describe the appraisal process and how it should work. 2. What are some major factors that distort performance appraisals? 3. How can the appraisal process motivate staff to do a good job? 4. What can managers do to make the meeting more successful? 5. Based on all the above, when and why would you recommend employee training and development plans?Purchase the answer to view it
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