Answer The Questions As Per The Instructions For The 2 Assignments

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– Why is strategy or strategic management important?- How strategic management theories can actually be useful in the real world?- How it has changed you or your thinking – gain new knowledge in several areas, better understanding in the business world (example: read reports on business issues, the economic problems faced by European countries may cause a domino effect to other countries. This can relate back to PESTLE, by scanning the environment, we can analyze threat and opportunities. – Talk about sustainable competitive advantage, value – What real world companies are doing, cost leadership strategy, analyzer strategy, etc.. entrepreneur what ideas are applicable in the real world?more confident and curious and continue to learn and read up more on strategic management. peak my curiousity in strategic management.connection to other subjects: Entrepreneurial Process – feasibility analysis, Leading For Change – leadership Course experience Learning from teammates, forced to read beyond the textbook, learning from lecturers and visiting lecturer. Room for improvementConclusionPurchase the answer to view it
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Answer The Questions As Per The Instructions For The 2 Assignments
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