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ADRP ProspectusUsing research of the current literature on the topic selected and relevant to quality management and productivity, prepare a 5–8-page prospectus response complying with the formatting and content instructions below.Format· Minimum of 5 pages and maximum of 8 pages, double spaced, not including title page, abstract, and reference page· Current APA format· Minimum of 10 scholarly journal references; each reference must be less than 10 years old· Reference page in current APA format, including active, permanent/stable URL links (for online resources)· Double space between references and single space within the referenceContent· A title page that includes:o Course number and nameo Case nameo Student nameo Date submittedo Respectfully submitted to: (instructor’s name)· Abstract· Concepts from the literature synthesized into the prospectus format with the following sections required:§ Problem Statement§ Purpose Statement/Research Questions§ Conceptual Framework§ Hypothesis/Hypotheses (supported by literature review citations and based on level of empirical knowledge gained from the review of the literature)§ Selected Research Approach/Rationale for This Approach· How the data will be measured· How the data will be collected· How the data will be analyzed· How will conclusions be drawn· What limitations exist§ Expected contributions of the research and expected outcomes§ SummaryPurchase the answer to view it
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ADRP Prospectus
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