Accident Investigation 4 Quiz

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Question 1 At which level of accountability are policies and procedures typically found? formCheckList.addElement(new Check_Answer({ref_label:”1″,name:”mc-ans-_113963803_1″})); Corporate level Supervisor level Management level Worker levelQuestion 2 What is the next step in an accident investigation once all of the evidence has been gathered? formCheckList.addElement(new Check_Answer({ref_label:”2″,name:”mc-ans-_113963804_1″})); Determining direct causes Determining the accident sequence Contacting Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Determining root causesQuestion 3 Which of the following best describes assumed events? formCheckList.addElement(new Check_Answer({ref_label:”3″,name:”mc-ans-_113963805_1″})); Events that occurred at the same time Events that have causal factors Events that have not yet been verified Events that are unlikely to have happenedQuestion 4 Which analytical approach should be considered first when starting an accident investigation? formCheckList.addElement(new Check_Answer({ref_label:”4″,name:”mc-ans-_113963806_1″})); Human factors analysis Barrier analysis Events and causal factors analysis Cause and effect analysisQuestion 5 Why is it important to document the source of information for each event added to an events and causal factors chart? formCheckList.addElement(new Check_Answer({ref_label:”5″,name:”mc-ans-_113963807_1″})); It helps establish blame. It identifies the causal factors. It may be useful in establishing accountability. It may be useful if conflicts develop.Purchase the answer to view it
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Accident Investigation 4 Quiz
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