A teenager stayed overnight

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A teenager stayed overnight
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Situation: An eighth grader keeps forgetting to take her homework to school.

Parental Response: The father helps the child establish a checklist and develop skills to be more organized.

This parental response best describes the ______________________ parenting style.

7 points   


Situation: A teenager stayed overnight at a friend’s house. The next day, the friend’s parent calls to say that they discovered empty beer cans in the basement trashcan. The friend admitted to the parent that they has each drunk two beers.

Parental Response: The father confronts the teen, and without any discussion, forbids them from ever going to the friend’s house again.

This parental response best represents the _________________________ parenting styles.

7 points   


Situation: A mother is out of town on business. The father is working 60 hours per week. When he comes home he is too tired to notice much of what is going on at home. The neighbor calls to let him know that his daughter has been sneaking out of the house and driving off with her boyfriend.

Parental Response: The father, too tired to get into an argument, decides to wait until his wife comes home because she’ll know what to do.

This parental response best represents the _______________________ parenting style.

7 points   


Situation: A first grader has developed a friendship with a girl who is often disrespectful. The first grader gets mad at dinner one night and calls his mother a bad name.

Parental Response: The mother washes the boy’s mouth out with soap.

This parental response best represents the ________________________ parenting styles.

7 points   


Situation: A 9th grader has to get up an hour earlier this year to get to high school. The first few weeks of the school year, his father has had to repeatedly call for him to wake up.

Parental Response: The father tells his daughter at breakfast that they will meet that evening to discuss how she can take more responsibility for getting up on time.

This parental response best represents the _____________________ parenting styles. 

7 points   


Situation: A mom is at the gym and her good friend tells her that she saw her daughter skipping school at the mall with a group of friends earlier in the week.

Parental Response: The mom talks with the daughter and ask her if she had a good time at the mall and wants to see the purchases that were made.

This parental response best represents the ___________________________ parenting sytle.

7 points   


Situation: A child brings home a list of after school activities that are available for participation.

Parental Response: The mother looks over the lists and tells the child which activity that they will participate in and lets them know that they are not allowed to miss any practices for any reason.

This parental response best represents the ___________________________ parenting style.

7 points   


Situation: A 4th grader brings home his report card for his parents to sign by placing it on the kitchen table.

Parental Response: The parent pushes the report card out of the way to finish getting ready in the morning and doesn’t look at it and doesn’t sign it.

This parental response best represents the ___________________________ parenting style. 

7 points   


Situation: A 10th grader wants to try beer.

Parental Response: The father tells the child that they can drink beer with their friends in the basement.

This parental response best represents the __________________________ parenting sytle.


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