5 Midterm Questions

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Illustrate common and unique features of localization vs standardization using a Venn Diagram or similar chart, be sure that the chart or graph shows specific examples. Compare the human resources philosophy of two companies from the same industry. Comparison should include their similarities, differences and at least one item that gives that company a competitive advantage. Relate how behavioral norms, attitudes and values define a country’s culture. Culture can be defined as accepted norms, attitude, value, or traditional behavior within an organization or group. Examine and provide a detailed example of norm of reciprocity in a multinational company. Elaborate on the impact of communication in a MNC. Create a detailed example of good communication and a detailed example of a time that communication was not good. Good communication is vital in any business and more prevalent in a MNC. There are a few generations that are currently in workplace. In order to effective Without effective communication Purchase the answer to view it
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5 Midterm Questions
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