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Imagine you are a hiring manager at a local hospital. It is your job to ensure salaries for new hires are fair and competitive. What’s in it for me has become a common theme. However, is it really so bad? Would many of us work if we were not paid? If we won the lottery, would we still work?It is not all about money though. There are two classifications with intrinsic and extrinsic rewards of your job.Intrinsic rewards comes from being satisfied from the job itself. Taking pride in our work. Being part of a team. The feeling of accomplishment.Extrinsic rewards is the salary we earn. Being promoted. The benefits we receive such as health insurance.It is important as a manager to realize and understand the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards as they are both motivators to employees. To keep employees motivated and excited about their job, we need to recognize and provide opportunities for both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards.Introduction For this Assignment you will need to conduct an interview with a compensation specialist in any health care setting. Give a brief description of the health care setting and the person you interviewed for this Assignment. During the interview utilize at a minimum the questions below. Provide additional substantive information related to the topic. You will summarize your results in a written report 3–5 pages in length, not including the Cover Page and References. APA format applies. See the Kaplan Writing center for APA links. Submit the assignment through the course Dropbox.RequirementsYou may also interview managers that do not have a compensation specialist in their health care setting. Questions to include:How do you determine wages and salary levels for your employees?How do you ensure that the pay you offer is adequate to attract the types of employees you need?How do you ensure that pay is perceived as fair?Do job applicants or employees ever negotiate for pay?How do you handle the negotiation process?Do you ever pay hiring bonuses?Have you ever thought of changing pay systems? Why?Do you offer any incentives to your employees?What are they and how do they work?Identify a position you would be interested within your career goal. Locate the salary information for this position and contrast it within a geographic location or within various healthcare settings. You may contract professional associations, check out websites, review employment ads, check out the University Career Center, or call compensation specialists at companies that hire health care staff.Purchase the answer to view it
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3 Page APA Paper
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