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In this course, we are learning that the stories in Exodus and Deuteronomy are an integral part of the grand story of Christian Scripture. In many ways, God’s action in and through Moses and the Israelites are a microcosm of the overarching themes of creation, fall, and redemption that find meaning and movement throughout the entirety of the Bible. Exodus and Deuteronomy are of particular importance because it is here that God initiates his plan of redemption among the Israelites. In order to better understand the meaning and implications of God’s redemptive work in the Old Testament, you will choose a person or concept that is highlighted in the course for further research and analysis. The topic choices for research and analysis are Moses, Miriam, Covenant, the Decalogue, or the Golden Calf. Note that each of these topics has a corresponding article posted in the course from Dictionary of the Old Testament: Pentateuch.The Signature Assignment affords you an extended time to explore Exodus/Deuteronomy in light of the following four questions: Assignment Requirements Part 1: Project Plan Submit a Project Plan, to include the following: ? Topic – Choose one: Moses, Miriam, Covenant, the Decalogue, or the Golden Calf. ? Thesis – What is the central message/argument of the paper? See the APU Writing Center resource Thesis Statements for help. ? Resources – The paper must reference: o The Drama of Scripture. o The accompanying topic article found in the course from Dictionary of the Old Testament: Pentateuch. o Two additional sources from the APU Library; see the APU Writing Center’s Research Tips and Resources for suggestions about finding good resources. o NOTE: In APA style, classical works – including the Bible – are not listed in the References page. Embed biblical citations within the text as follows: “Then Moses turned and went down the mountain, carrying the two tablets of the covenant in his hands” (Exod 32:15, NRSV). Only indicate the Bible version in the first citation; it is not necessary to identify each citation as NRSV. ? Outline – Organize the paper to address the following four assignment questions: 1. How does the topic (Moses, Miriam, Covenant, the Decalogue, or the Golden Calf) connect to the larger themes of creation, fall, and redemption within the overarching story of the Bible? 2. What is important to know about the history, culture, and/or theology surrounding this person or concept? 3. What was the original meaning of this concept or significance of this person within Exodus/Deuteronomy? 4. What insights gained could be meaningful for our context today? Assignment Expectations ? Submit the assignment in Times New Roman 12-point font. ? The Project Plan is 2 pages in length. ? Outline identifies the introduction/thesis statement, at least four main ideas, and 3-4 subpoints beneath each main idea. ? List references in APA format.
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